I see what I make,
I throw it up,
My art is soul sick,
My vision is ill,
My sounds are Diverse,
At least thats how I'm heard,
I'm kept by an obsession,
That causes my creations
To disperse

We are vehicles
instrumental miracles

I guess do what i want now
Starting back to square one
Just to get back where i want
Got to be a loner in this hard work

Nova booby

Nova booby

I wish i were a dog so i could care just about the moment

Understanding through repetition

Got myself a little fox-deer

Concepts are wide ranged and forgotten

All girls love tall guys

We all murderers cuz we play with emotions
Weed inhaled integrated to the moment
We all souls either hopeless or one step less from the best
Progress when you confess
And then you get right up
Unless God kills ya
And shows you what ya have left
I got nothing but infrared vision
Till the death of me
I saw sounds like youd never believe
White eyes took me to the milky way
Cuz the wavelength i was seeing
Was a fuckn calling
Call me crazy
But you believe what you believe
This was experience
To get to walk that deadline
Linear to the equations in the problem
Probably the reasons why im shaky
Without the shiver
Cuz im chill when i deliver
Unless you get me heated
Ill get you wet cuz ill be hot
Ill make you come defeated

18 miles today

Thats some fucked up shit in my dream. Always fucked up

Dont want to wake the fuckkkkk upp

Wish i could erase my head for three years. Just fuckn startover

You found something :)