I see what I make,
I throw it up,
My art is soul sick,
My vision is ill,
My sounds are Diverse,
At least thats how I'm heard,
I'm kept by an obsession,
That causes my creations
To disperse

I want weed packed in a pillow

Just cant follow through

Its bed time
Rocked stoned
Head hit hard
Feel good though
No slaps
Just exploded thoughts
Top notch
Switch back
Running high
Fire trails
Blazed right
Drinking ales
And hard A

My comfort level has vanished

Its been a long time
And more time to come further
Everyday is trying not to throw a fit
Drink up the liquour first
Just solved my problematic thirst
With Hard A chugging ales yo
Love went away
Ringing my feeln
Drinkn to feel sane
And yes i do
I laugh and giggle
Smile and chat about the moments

Lost a whole lot
Interest of a matter a fact

Ready to check out

Not a whole lot matters anymore

Shout out homies
Nigga write a poem
Hatred to love is just a goal
Achievements what we know
And hate this
Im gonna fill my life with gold
Shine up ill fly high
Cuz all this medicine
Got me catching colds
Pretty damn sick
My mentality swings
Like a punch to the face
Fuck ya head up

Milfs love me

Sometimes i give up

Its a disease

I want to love you the right way

Feel so empty

Fuck this life